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Frequently Asked Questions

Is rivuuz free?

Rivuuz is completely free to use for customers. Service providers pay a one-off registration fee to help cover the cost of the due diligence and they also pay a fee when they have been matched with a customer.

Why should I hire service providers through rivuuz?

Thanks for asking! We recommend rivuuz as your go-to source for service providers for 4 simple reasons:

1.    Convenience: find the service provider who fits your specific needs, timeline and budget, just with a few clicks of a button. It is no longer necessary to spend hours searching and selecting, we have done it for you. 
2.    Quality: our thorough verification process ensures that only high quality, experienced service professionals are listed on rivuuz. Our ratings and reviews systems also ensure that you have up-to-date information on each service provider’s quality standards.
3.    Peace of mind: we are always ready to help you solve any problems that arise with your service provider or while using rivuuz.
4.    Trust: nowadays it is difficult to find trustworthy people, with rivuuz you can!

How is rivuuz different from other alternatives?

Traditionally someone you know passes you a contact of a service provider they know. Sometimes it’s someone they have used themselves, sometimes it's someone they just know of. Then you wonder...Is one recommendation enough to hire the person or do you need more? Is the job you have similar in complexity to the one they did for your friend? If not, how do you know they will be able to do your job well? Is the quality of their work the most important thing or do you also care about their prices or their timekeeping?

rivuuz helps to take away the hassle and guesswork from hiring a service provider by doing the due diligence for you and only listing screened and approved service providers. With rivuuz, you find people with proven experience and references. We are here to make life easier for you, your peace of mind is our priority.

We are not a service company or agency. Therefore, we have no particular bias to try to sell you one service provider over another, we are simply a match-making platform to connect quality service pros to quality customers who have a job that’s ready to be done.

How do service providers get on to the rivuuz platform?

rivuuz is open to anyone and everyone who offers any service. Service providers complete an application form to join the rivuuz platform. Once the application has been received and evaluated, the service provider then undergoes our due diligence process. Only once they have passed the due diligence process, does their profile go live.

What does the rivuuz due diligence process cover?

Our due diligence begins with an identity check to verify that everyone who is listed on our platform is indeed who they say they are. We also check each pros qualifications and registrations if applicable. However, depending on the field, a lack of professional qualification, alone, is not reason enough to be disqualified for rivuuz as we all know that there are many amazing self-taught service providers out there. We also look into their past work and experience to ensure that they have a positive professional track record.

Are the service providers employed by rivuuz?

We handpick every one of the service providers listed on our platform after a thorough due diligence process. However, the service providers do not become employees of rivuuz. All the service providers on the platform are independent individuals and businesses that are available to work on various projects, including yours. Our role is to make it cheaper and more convenient for quality service providers and customers to find and connect with each other.

What skills will my service provider have?

Each service provider listed on rivuuz has a detailed profile that lists their skills and prior experience. Some service providers go further to also list the particular areas in which they are specialised. In addition, each service provider will have reviews from their past customers that will give you more insight into their work as well as their work ethic.  

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What COVID-19 prevention measures do you have in place?

At rivuuz, the health and safety of service providers and customer is of utmost importance to us. We want to make sure you can keep supporting service providers and small businesses, where possible, in a safe manner. We are encouraging all service providers to include, within their profile, the COVID-19 safety measures that they are implementing to keep themselves, and you, safe during their work.

Here are some tips on how you can also stay safe while carrying out your projects:

·      Keep your distance and wear a face cover/mask
·      Make sure your space is well ventilated
·      Sanitise before and after work, especially commonly touched surfaces such as door handles and light switches
·      Prioritise outdoor projects or projects where contact can be kept to a minimum
·      Where possible, hire remote services
·      Where possible, use digital payments such as mobile money or bank transfers instead of handling cash

Also, please let us and your service provider know, before the service begins, what additional safety precautions you would like the pro to take. It is important for you to feel as safe as possible while getting your projects completed.

Remember that the situation and government guidelines are constantly changing so please stay up to date with the Ministry of Health guidelines and make sure you follow their directions.

Above all, we’ll continue to be here for both service providers and customers. We want you to know that we value you and are here to help and support you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with questions, concerns or suggestions.

Does rivuuz handle the payments to service providers?

At the moment, we do not handle payments to service providers, that is a process that is currently directly between the service provider and the customer once they have made a match on rivuuz. We are working on being able to handle payments through the platform as we believe that this would provide value to both sides as customers can be assured that the work will be done while service providers can be assured that they will be paid fora job well done 

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What do I do if I can't find the right pro for my project? 

Get in touch with us, we are always vetting and adding new service providers and new service categories so we might be able to find the right fit for your unique project. We cannot 100% guarantee that we will find right fit for you if they are not already on our platform but we will do our level best to make it happen.  

Contact us and let us know how we can help

What do I do if I am not satisfied?

First of all, our sincere apologies. Our goal at rivuuz is to offer you happiness and peace of mind, so if you are dissatisfied, it means we are failing at our work. If at any point you find the use of the platform dissatisfactory or there is any problem with your service provider once you have made a booking, please do not hesitate to contact us. While we do a thorough due diligence, we cannot control all the actions of service providers or customers as all human beings are different. Should any problem arise, please do not wait till the end to let us know, we would like you to give us the opportunity, right away, to fix it and turn your frown upside down.Your feedback is very important to us as it ensures that we continue to provide you and other customers with the best possible service.

Contact us and let us know how we can help

How are reviews collected?

Only a verified customer, can leave a review on a verified job.  The best way to let others know about your experience with a service provider is to leave a review on rivuuz. You are welcome to leave feedback each time new work is completed. There is no limit to the number of reviews you can leave, as long as each review is about a separate service provided to you.

How do I know that the reviews are genuine?

All our reviews come from real people like you! No one can rate themselves or pay to receive a review. Only a verified customer, can leave a review on a verified job. 

Also, to ensure the integrity of feedback, we do not allow anonymous reviews. Users are required to provide their contact information before leaving a review so we always know who exactly is submitting feedback.

Why should I seek work through Rivuuz?

Most service providers rely on referrals from past customer to find new customers. This is usually a one-by-one process where one past customer refers you to one potential customers (or a small number, if you are lucky). Rivuuz amplifies this referral process as one review from a customer is read by many potential new customers.  

As a service provider, joining rivuuz advertises your work to a wide-range of new customers who are beyond your network and would never have found you through referrals alone.

What other benefits are there to being on Rivuuz?

A profile on rivuuz elevates your professionalism and essentially gives you an online presence in a world that is becoming more digital everyday.  Your online profile keeps a up-to-date track record of your work with your skills, experience and recommendations from past customers. On Rivuuz, you can build and maintain your professional reputation.

I already have clients, why should I be on Rivuuz?

Rivuuz is here to help any and all good quality service providers. Our goal is to help local service providers take their businesses to the next level. So, whether you only need one or 2 customers to fill up your schedule in the dry months, whether you need more higher-paying clients or you are struggling to find customer and need a pipeline of customer leads, Rivuuz can help you.

How long does it take to get my profile onto Rivuuz?

In order to maintain a high-quality standard on the platform, we need to conduct our due diligence before a service provider is listed and this may take some time for each applicant. So, please be patient with us if you do not hear from us immediately after you submit your application. We will do our best to quickly add new service providers while maintain the quality of the platform and without overstretching our operational capacity.

How much does it cost to list my work on Rivuuz?

Registering with Rivuuz attracts a one-off, non-refundable fee of K100 which covers the listing and due diligence. The great news is that for our first users, we are offering FREE registration! Once your profile is live, your work is listed and being marketed on our platform for free. You only pay a fee once you are connected to a customer for a service request that has come in. It is also completely up to you to accept a job or not.

Do you also charge a commission per job?

No, we do not currently charge a commission per job. The only fee you pay is the cost of connecting you to a customer.

How do I get jobs on Rivuuz?

When a service request comes in from a customer, it will be shared with listed pros. Pros who are interested have an opportunity to ask the customers further questions to clarify the customer’s need and to make sure the job is right for them before accepting it. If you feel that the job is interesting to you, you pay a fee to be put in contact with the client and you can carry on the conversation independently with customer. The fee to accept a job will be indicated on each job post.

Why would I ever say no to a job?

We get it, in this economy, it seems crazy to suggest that you have the option to say yes or no to a job. But on Rivuuz, we promote quality over quantity. Always!  Here are a few reasons in which you would (and we recommend you should) turn down a job: 
1.   It is important for you to know your limits and be honest on what you can and can’t do, so if a job is not within your skills capability, please say no. Other work that better suits you will definitely come along.

2.   If you are currently busy with other jobs and do not have the capacity to take on an additional job without compromising the quality of your work, you should turn down the job.

3.   If you are trying to build a specific portfolio of work or a specific type of clientele, some work might match your skills but will not match your business goals so you can feel free to turn it down.

4.   Sometimes the size of the job or value of the work might not make the job worthwhile for you so you are free to say no. But remember that a small job may lead to bigger jobs or referrals from the same customer in future. So keep this in mind as you decide.  

It is important that you are able to do good quality work and offer great customer service for each job you accept on Rivuuz. One bad customer review can severely impact your ability to get further work on Rivuuz.

How many clients will you send me?

At Rivuuz, we are changing the way people buy and sell services in Zambia and that is not an overnight job. A lot of change is needed. That means for you as a service provider, business will not come pouring in the moment you sign up. Rivuuz is an addition, and not a replacement of the current methods you have to find customers. We promise to work with you not only to bring you customer but to also offer you advice and support on how you can keep customers satisfied and attract more customers. We are with you for the longhaul. The more you build a strong reputation for quality service on Rivuuz the more customer you will receive.  

How do ratings and reviews work?

Every time you complete a job, the customer leaves a rating and review of your work to let others know about their experience. This is important! Future customers use this information to decide who they hire and who they will not hire. As a service provider, ratings and reviews from your customers are how you build your professional reputation and this is what makes you stand out from your competitors.

When you join Rivuuz, you are allowed to bring in up to a maximum of 3 reviews from past customers. But after that, only customers who book your work through Rivuuz can leave a review on your profile.

What criteria will customers rate me on?

Getting a good service is more than just doing good quality work. Customers care very much about your professionalism as well. When a customer leaves you review, they may rate you on the neatness of your work, your time-keeping, whether you delivered the work on time, how you managed communications during the project and your overall honesty.

So for every job you do, it is important that you focus on all these aspects in order to receive and overall positive review from a customer. If you are struggling with any of these areas, please don't hesitate to reach out to us for advice on how to keep your customers happy and coming back to you.

I am a service provider, why is it better for me to seek work through rivuuz?

Most service providers rely on referrals from past customer to find new customers. This is usually a one-by-one process where one past customer refers you to one potential customers (or a small number, if you are lucky). rivuuz amplifies this referral process as one review from a customer is read by many potential new customers. As a service provider, joining rivuuz advertises your work to a wide-range of new customers who are beyond your network and would never have found you through referrals alone.  

Also joining rivuuz gives your business an online profile that you can show to potential customers. Many service providers do not have websites or even Facebook business pages as this is often complex to build or maintain for many. A profile on rivuuz elevates your professionalism and essentially gives you an online website and CV for your work that is up-to-date with your skills, experience and recommendations from past customers. On rivuuz, you can build and maintain your professional reputation and track record.

How do I join Rivuuz as a Service Pro?

It’s very easy! To begin your sign up, just click on the ‘Join as a Pro’ button at the very top of every page on this website.

To make it even easier for you, we have included the link here. So you can just click here to sign up