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Get your house built... without the stress!

With our concierge services created for homebuilders, we can sort out all the parts that are a hassle while you still maintain complete control of the building process.

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Here are the different things we can do for you.

If you are building remotely or are not able to take a very hands-on approach to building your house, then our concierge service is perfect for you

Quotation sourcing

We will collect 3 quotations for you from reputable sources to help you understand the true cost of your project


  • price point consult with you

  • quotations from appropriate suppliers

  • sending you photos and receipts of purchase

Materials purchase

We will buy materials for you, transport them your site and send you a detailed expense report


  • buying materials

  • delivery to your site

  • sending you photos and receipts of purchase

Supervising work on site

We will check-in on the progress of your project and send you a report with photos and videos.


  • quality control and ensuring pro is on site

  • work is going according to schedule timeframe

  • finding replacement pros should any issues arise

Site visit

We will check-in on the progress of your project and send you a report with photos and videos.


  • one-off visit to your building site

  • report on status and progress

  • photos and videos of your site and project

What our clients say about us

"I like using Rivuuz to get contractors and one bad apple will not put me off coming back again!"

Elaine Mwanza
Hired Selisho Chanda (Electrician)

" Amazing customer service. "

Cynthia Jangulo
Hired Ngqabutho Dube (Electrician)

"I like the quick response, follow ups and being able to see recommendations from others. All of this makes it much easier to use a service without too much stress"

Lena Kresojevic
Hired Jancken Kamwanga (Furniture-maker)

"Great platform, much needed!"

Twaambo Kapilikisha
Hired Jancken Kamwanga (Furniture-maker)

"The job placement was very quick from the time I placed my job request and when I got contacted by Mr Conrad, with no need for me to make any follow ups with the Rivuuz team at any point"

Hazel Chimuka
Hired Conrad Phiri (Builder)

"Managing a building project away from home is an absolute nightmare but I had the most amazing experience with Rivuuz. The process from booking the service and getting a response was seamless. I was kept informed on the progress made throughout the process and the quotation summary provided was brilliant and couldn’t have been more effective. Keep up the great work and I look forward to booking more services with you!"

Ivwanji Namwila
Based in the UK, booked a concierge service

Fall in love with your building project again

What would you do if you didn't have to worry about chasing after your builder or electrician. Spend more time with your family? Learn a new skill?Or just kick back with a glass of wine?
Let Rivuuz help you do just that...leave the heavy lifting to us

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know that the reviews on Rivuuz are genuine?

All our reviews come from real people like you! No one can rate themselves or pay to receive a review. Only a verified customer, can leave a review on a verified job. Also, to ensure the integrity of feedback, we do not allow anonymous reviews. Users are required to provide their contact information before leaving a review so we always know who exactly is submitting feedback.

Why do i need this if Rivuuz pros are vetted?

All Rivuuz pros are vetted and our due diligence process is an important method we use to ensure service quality and user safety but it is still not a 100% guarantee.Past performance cannot pick up all possible issues and it also cannot predict the future behaviour of a service pro.

Does this mean Rivuuz is no longer free?

It is still FREE for service users to hire vetted pros. Concierge services are an extra add-on to our free offering

How is this different from hiring a construction company or project manager?

Our concierge services can be tailored to suit your exact needs. Also:

1.  Our concierge services are significantly cheaper than either option

2. You can pick as many or as few services as you need

3. You still build at your own pace and only get concierge service as and when you need them

4. You are not locked-in to a longterm contract with costly financial obligations that you may not be able to meet every month.

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