Roofing installation for 20 duplex Villas in Roma


Suscon construction


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About the project

We were subcontracted by the main contractor for the purpose of providing the support structure for the roofing sheets.
Our sole responsibility was to do the engineering, assembling, fabrication and installation of light weight steel structure that support the roof. The laying of the roofing sheets was later done by the main contractor themselves.
They were some challenges in trying to harmonise the architectural aspects with the structural aspects hence the need to subcontract us. We were able to overcome the challenges and provide a structural strong support for the long spans of the rooms.
The project was handed over within the agreed timeline.

Client testimonial by:

Suscon construction

Marvin contributed to two Suscon Construction projects: the first involved the building of a science building, for which he installed light steel and completed the roofing; the second involved the roofing of 20 duplex homes in Roma. He is a really dependable individual who works very hard and never expects anything in return. He was excellent at his job and never had any problems.