Custom made Rosewood Tv unit


ErikaMr Gregory


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About the project

A build that was challenging in a number of ways! Precision, material selection/sourcing and movement. 

Our furniture can fit into different interior design styles and different types of homes without losing its design identity. 

This unit was designed to work as a media unit, but its retro style makes it also appealing for those who look for a low sideboard. Its interior has two compartments separated by a horizontal divider, providing enough space to keep magazines or books, decor for example.
   Every design at the workshop has undergone an evolution from the first piece up to now. That’s why we know, that the quality of today is higher than that of yesterday. Instead of limiting the complexity of the production in order to save time, we have increased our quality standards. 

Client testimonial by:

ErikaMr Gregory

I sent Gabriel a picture of what I wanted, and he made a bookshelf and a Tv stand for me. He was very helpful and offered suggestions where some minor changes needed to happen. He is a visionary, i should say. At each stage of the project, he sent updates. I was happy that he completed the bookshelf in just one week. He provides excellent customer service and is an effective communicator.He made a kitchen unit and a TV stand. Before he even began creating the TV stand and kitchen unit, he described the different varieties of wood available so that I could choose from them, but he also assisted me in selecting the best one. He would keep me informed at every stage of the project and let me know how things were going. He would also tell me to stop by and see how the TV stand was coming along. He promised that everything would be finished in two months, and he actually managed to do everything before that time. The TV stand and kitchen unit are of excellent quality and have maintained their nice looks for a year.