Small Bathroom Renovation

Our client wanted to give her bathroom a proper makeover, to turn it into a fresh, modern space. Her plans? – new wall tiles, a new toilet and shower, and some slick floating shelves to tie it all together.

Such an inspirational project - turning an everyday tiny bathroom into something cute and least by Lusaka standards?

1 week
Ibex Hill, Lusaka, Zambia

Before Photos

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Creating a Small Bathroom Haven

Here's where Rivuuz came in, we handled everything, from doing the research and giving our client tile, plumbing, and paint options as well as purchasing and delivering material for the whole project. By handling all the material purchases and making sure everything was in place, we made sure the renovation went off without a hitch.

Smooth Sailing to a Stylish Finish

The whole renovation journey was a breeze. Whether it was installing new wall tiles, putting in the fancy new toilet and shower, or getting those floating shelves up, Rivuuz made sure everything was top-notch. With Rivuuz handling the material procurement and oyr Pros doing the renovation work, everything went off without a hitch. Our client was thrilled with their fresh, new bathroom, and honestly, it looked like something out of a magazine.

During Photos

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After Photos

This project is still on-going. Check back in for more updates