Meanwood Ibex Flats Final Finishes

Our clients, a busy professional couple, had a clear vision for their rental flats: sleek, modern but minimalist design finishes.

When they first approached Rivuuz, all they wanted was plumbing and tiling of 7 bathrooms across 3 flats but before we knew it, we were tiling the rest of the houses, painting and paving the yard.

6 months
Meanwood Ibex

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Research and Planning in Action

Once we got the green light, the Rivuuz team went into full-on research mode. We searched the market for the best deals on tiles and plumbing fixtures, making sure we nailed down exactly what the client wanted. It was all about finding that perfect balance of quality and affordability.

Coordination and Sequencing

Now, let me tell you about the pros that were involved, we had on this project. We had our plumber, tiler, painter – you name it. Each professional played a crucial role in different stages of the project, from plumbing to tiling to painting. Especially when doing finishes on bathrooms, it was all about coordination, sequencing and keeping things moving smoothly. Bathroom finishes are all about plumber -tiler - plumber, maybe tiler again. It was critical to know who needs to be where and when!

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After Photos

This project is still on-going. Check back in for more updates