Katoba Goat House

We felt that this project at Kampamba House deserved its own special mention. Our client needed some top-notch housing for their farm animals, mainly goats, and they wanted to make sure the animals had plenty of space to roam around.

We didn't waste any time. Rivuuz took charge of every step of the construction process, making sure we had a solid plan in place from the get-go. We started with figuring out how much space these precious goats needed and how big the structure should be. Tasks included digging, installing poles and mesh wire, and topping it all off with the roofing. And would you believe it? We had the whole goat house up and running by in days!! not weeks....days!!

1 week
Katoba, Chongwe, Zambia

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Creating Comfortable Quarters for Katoba's Livestock

Despite the tight timeframe, our pro didn't let the pressure get to them. Rivuuz pulled out all the stops to complete the job on time, just like our client wanted. It was all about efficiency and dedication, and let me tell you, the result? Spot on.

The first two goats to live in this space were called Bert and Ernie. Sadly one of them didn't make it but they had babies and the space if filled with lots of tiny, cute little baby (and now) adult goats. All living their best lives!

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This project is still on-going. Check back in for more updates