Building Kampamba House: A One-of-a-Kind Home

Our task was to build a unique two-bedroom house out in the village of Katoba, Chongwe. What started as a small weekend home evolved (many Grand Design episodes later) into a full-on passion project and became our client's primary home and a stunning getaway location

Our client's vision was a rustic, art deco farmhouse overlooking the most beautiful hills of Katoba. The build involved a mix of good old-fashioned construction elements blended with many unique hand-crafted, natural elements. As the home was being built on traditional land, it was very important to incorporate local materials to fit in with the aesthetic of the village and involve people in the village within the build

6 months
Katoba, Chongwe, Zambia

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Navigating Cellphone Signal Challenges

Building in a location where getting a signal on your phone requires walking 3km or climbing up a hill meant we had to be smart and resourceful. We set up these scheduled times when our pros would climb up a hill just to catch some bars for a quick update. And of course, our team made regular visits to make sure that the project was progressing well and everything was on track.

We also had to meticulously plan and coordinate the delivery of materials to ensure nothing was missed since the project site was 65km out of town. Can you imagine forgetting to buy a packet of nails?

Ensuring the presence of all necessary professionals throughout the construction process was important. Close coordination with the construction team and regular site inspections were key for overseeing progress and promptly addressing any arising issues.

Meeting Tight Deadlines Off the Grid

The project had to be completed within six months so we had multiple teams of Rivuuz builders, tilers, roofers, plumbers, and electricians all working in sync to get the house finished in time for our clients to move out of their old home.

In navigating these unique circumstances, the completion of the project was a testament to Rivuuz unique ability to give our clients a personalised service and get the job done, no matter what challenges were thrown our way. Consistent and effective communication and resource management was very important to us, our client, and our pros.

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This project is still on-going. Check back in for more updates