Building from Foundation to First Floor wall plate

Our client started her dream house build a few years ago. She had the foundation laid but ran into some issues with her builder, and she had to hit pause on the project.

Rivuuz came into the picture to help her pick things up from the foundation stage. Our pros raised the walls on the ground floor, did the first-floor concrete decking and steel fixing, and raised the first-floor walls too.

3 months
Silverest, Lusaka, Zambia

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Real-time Planning and Communication

When Rivuuz came into the picture, we made sure to keep the communication flowing smoothly. We shared all the project details with the client, so she knew exactly what to expect, including timelines and the scope of work. We also had a WhatsApp group set up, with the client, the pros, and our Rivuuz team so that everyone was on the same page. The group made it possible for us could discuss any updates, decisions, and problems in real-time

Getting Back on Track

Overall, working closely with Rivuuz turned things around for our client. Despite hitting some bumps with her previous builder, we managed to get things back on track. With some solid efficient coordination and hard work, we managed to keep the project on track and Rivuuz helped the client overcome setbacks and move forward with confidence in getting her project to the next level while building at her own pace and budget

Our pro got her build to the first floor and now our client is taking her time to raise funds for the next stages of her build...

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This project is still on-going. Check back in for more updates