Building a Pool House

Our client had this gorgeous pool, but something was missing – a pool house! They wanted something that not only looked good but also served a practical purpose.

When Rivuuz got the project – we took charge of the whole project. We managed everything from start to until the roof level as the client wanted to build at their own pace. We also sorted out the material purchase project. By handling all the behind-the-scenes stuff, we made sure everything ran like clockwork and kept any hiccups from happening

3 weeks
Meanwood Mutumbi, Lusaka, Zambia

Before Photos

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Keeping It Transparent

One thing we're big on at Rivuuz? Transparency! We made sure our clients knew exactly what they were getting into, right down to the last penny. By breaking down costs and providing detailed estimates, we ensured there were no surprises when it came to the bill.

Efficiency and Collaboration in Action

The overall construction journey with Rivuuz was efficient and collaborative Now. The first stage of the pool house was wrapped up in just over a week, giving our client the freedom to move at their own pace. With Rivuuz guiding the way, the whole process was good, and the end result? Let's just say it exceeded everyone's expectations.

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After Photos

This project is still on-going. Check back in for more updates