Building a Garden Gazebo

This was a fun project to take on!
Our client had this vision of turning their front yard into a cozy hangout spot for the family. They wanted a gazebo with a brick fireplace, a place where they could all kick back and spend quality time together.

Rivuuz took charge right from the start, carefully planning and coordinating every step of the way. We made sure to sit down with the client to really understand what they were looking for in this gazebo. With everyone on the same page, we then got to work

3 weeks
Meanwood Vorna Valley, Lusaka, Zambia

Before Photos

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Client Satisfaction? - Mission Accomplished!

Our client was so thrilled with the final result. They loved how open and inviting the gazebo turned out, especially with that awesome brick fireplace. It was all thanks to Joseph's attention to detail and making sure the client's vision came to life.

Rolling with the changes

Of course, no project is without its hiccups, right? but nothing Rivuuz couldn't handle. We kept the lines of communication wide open with the client through our Rivuuz WhatsApp group. Any tweaks or adjustments to the plan were hashed out together, making sure everything stayed on track and the client was happy as can be.

During Photos

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After Photos

This project is still on-going. Check back in for more updates