Building a 3bd Family Home in Makeni Heights

Rivuuz Builder Peter Musonda and his team have embarked on the construction of a 3-bedroom family house in Makeni Heights Housing Complex. Our client is based in the US and her mother is in Zambia helping her with the material purchases and delivery to site.

Our role as a single point of contact is especially important to keep everyone on the same page and aligned towards the client's vision for her home.

2 months (Ongoing Project)
Makeni, Lusaka, Zambia

Before Photos

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Adding Style and Structure

Adding a touch of uniqueness, the house features a rooftop balcony complete with a bathroom and a small kitchenette. Accessible via a spiral staircase, this design element brings a blend of functionality and aesthetics to the project.

The build started on January 5th, and within just a month, the blockwork had been completed and roofing started - swift and efficient progress.

Excitement at Every Milestone

As of now, the project remains firmly on track, with the team successfully achieving key milestones. Even though our client is based miles away she gets regular updates with photos and videos several times a week so she can witness her dream home take shape from afar.

Rivuuz prides itself on facilitating not only the construction process but also a sense of shared excitement and accomplishment, transcending borders to make dreams come true.

This project is ongoing so check back for more updates on this build

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After Photos

This project is still on-going. Check back in for more updates