Building 10 x 1bd Flats in Salama Park

This project is being built by two Zambian sisters who live in the UK and want to build investment property back home. The plan is a double-storey structure with 5 flats on the ground floor and five on the first floor.

Rivuuz builder Peter Musonda and his crew are the team on the ground who are bringing this project to life. In addition to our internal project manager, we also have a Structural Engineer consulting on the project, making sure all the structural works are going according to plan.

3 months (Ongoing Project)
Salama Park, Lusaka, Zambia

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Financing a Grand Vision

As you can imagine, financing a build of this size is no small feat! The budget for the foundation of this build alone would give most people sleepless nights and no compromises can be made. One of our main job as Rivuuz on this build has been to do lots of thorough price shopping for high-grade UMZ steel, pre-mix concrete and other building materials. Leveraging our network and relationships with building materials suppliers to get our clients the best deal, especially with ever-increasing prices of materials

Efficient Planning and Coordination

With our clients being based abroad, Rivuuz is providing them with a full service including all material purchases and delivery to site. Even with a 40ft Container for storage on site, it can only store so many materials at a time. So planning, coordination and communication are key on this project. Keeping track of what and who needs to be where and when...and communicating with all parties involved is one of our many strengths at Rivuuz. Our Clients, the Building Team, the Architect, the Engineer, Material Vendors and delivery vehicles are all need to centrally and efficiently coordinated to keep the project moving on schedule

This project is ongoing so check back for more updates on this build

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This project is still on-going. Check back in for more updates