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" I like using Rivuuz to get contractors and one bad apple will not put me off coming back again! "

- Elaine Mwanza -
Hired Selisho Chanda (Electrician)

" Amazing customer service. "

- Cynthia Jangulo -
Hired Ngqabutho Dube (Electrician)

" I like the quick response, follow ups and being able to see recommendations from others. All of this makes it much easier to use a service without too much stress"

- Lena Kresojevic -
Hired Jancken Kamwanga (Furniture-maker)

" Great platform, much needed! "

- Twaambo Kapilikisha -
Hired Jancken Kamwanga (Furniture-maker)

" The job placement was very quick from the time I placed my job request and when I got contacted by Mr Conrad, with no need for me to make any follow ups with the Rivuuz team at any point "

- Hazel Chimuka -
Hired Conrad Phiri (Builder)

" Managing a building project away from home is an absolute nightmare but I had the most amazing experience with Rivuuz. The process from booking the service and getting a response was seamless. I was kept informed on the progress made throughout the process and the quotation summary provided was brilliant and couldn’t have been more effective. Keep up the great work and I look forward to booking more services with you! "

- Ivwanji Namwila -
Based in the UK, booked a concierge service
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Don’t do this alone.

Get support from a personal concierge who’s on your side.  

Our concierge service is designed to handle the hectic, hands-on part of building your house for you.  

No need to chase your builder all the time, risk getting swindled, or go through the hassle of spending your Saturday on Cha-cha-cha Road buying the materials yourself.  

Our team will do the hard work for you, providing you with detailed reports and updates.  

Sit back and relax knowing a reliable team is taking care of your:

Quotation sourcing: Collecting 3 quotations from reputable sources
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Materials purchase: Buying and transporting materials to your site
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Managing pros: Making sure your project stays on track
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One-off site visit: Check-in on the status of your project
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  • Affordable and flexible, our conciergeservices are always tailored to your needs.
  • Schedule a free, no-obligation discovery call and take the easy way starting today!
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