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Job Description | Community Builder

Rivuuz is a Zambian online platform that connects individuals who are building residential property to vetted, reliable constructions workers such as plumbers, builders, carpenters, etc. We have a community for our service providers and service users and are looking for someone to help us take things to the next level. As a Community Builder, you will operate at the nexus of operations, marketing, and business development to create welcome environments that bring together like-minded individuals that are seeking solutions to similar challenges.

The day-to-day of the job involves:

·    Customer success - gaining a deep understanding of what each pro and clients wants to achieve through Rivuuz and supporting them to achieve it

·    Community events -
Planning and organising online and offline community events with a focus on members collaborating, learning and supporting each other

·    Community engagement -
communicate with members individually and as a group in both online and offline spaces, welcome new member, ask questions and generally make everyone feel welcome and included

·    Profiling -
 researching existing and potential community members to understand what social media tools they use, what language/style/tone they use and how best to engage with them online and offline

·    Content creation –
Write content for the community that is helpful, inspiring and engaging. Use your profiling to know what tone to strike.

·    Community growth -
Plants seeds and creates momentum, identify community contributors and ambassadors, Develops a participation-reward system. Create structure in the community that fuel not stifle the community, with a goal of getting the community to a self-managing stage

·     Support -
constantly working to identify opportunities and create unique, valuable connections between groups of people.  

You are great fit for this job if you:

·     are willing to quickly and continuously learn our business and market
·     are an empathetic problem solver (a lover of understanding and solving people’s problem)
·     can adapt your communication style to work well with people from varied backgrounds
·     are personable, a positive thinker, and have an entrepreneurial spirit
·     are able to use or learn various online work software, e.g. Word, Excel, Canva, Facebook Business Suite, Airtable, etc 

Some must-haves
·    Knowledge and or experience of the home building process
·    Experience in one or more of these areas: event planning, PR, social media management, customer service and training design and delivery
·    A valid driver’s license – this is a very mobile role
·    Empathy and listening skills - You should always have a sense for what the community needs, what they’re looking for, what they value, what they appreciate  

Some nice-to-haves (but not deal breakers)
•    Ready to start immediately
•    Has own laptop
•    Close proximity to Ibex Hill
•    Speaks Bemba and/or Nyanja 

Job Type:
Full time

This is not your typical 9-5 job as our communities run 24/7 as you may need to organise an event on a weekend or respond to a community members questions in the evenings. Are you up for that? 

Also, you should know that working in a startup is a different world, there are no departments and things sometimes change quickly. This way of work is not for everyone and we get that - some people value routine and stability. So, think carefully about whether this job is right for you.

Reporting to:
Chief Executive Officer 

Gross pay K5,000   

Application deadline
– 10th November 2022

This job posting is now CLOSED. We are no longer accepting applications